Seen Recently

Prometheus – Plot weakness abound as RedLetterMedia demonstrates artfully: but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. Long distance space travel is inconsistent with science in all Sci-Fi that I can think of to begin with(wouldn’t relative subjective time pass much slower to the traveller?), so suspend disbelief. The genre requires that a human truth is told in an emotionally impactful way and this movie does so. A simple but weighty question is examined through fine performances. One scene stands alone as making this worthy viewing. The hook is the visuals, achieved without presenting a beautiful planet, species’ or even technology, just a fine aesthetic. Don’t think of it as a chapter in the alien series.

The Skin I Live In– This is Pedro Almodovar with all the style and less the whimsy and wit. A dramatic and thrilling story with aspects of science fetishism unfolds in servings of tiny detail. Additionally there are sci-fi elements which can’t be mentioned. The performance by Antonio Bander’s will never be match in an english performance by him for sure. There is a great capacity for evil in all people, his character is a talented, efficient and intelligent man pushed to dark possibilities. It is like a modern Frankenstein with a great gradient spectrum of morality and psychology.

Midnight In Paris It was one of the rare occasions where I get to watch a movie knowing very little about it. I was thrilled at the moment I realized this was a fantasy film, playing like a academic Forest Gump. A simple fable told in an elaborate way, Woody Allen is asking us to appreciate our day and age with activating determinism; an evolved position from his intellectual, comedic curmudgeon persona. This is a fairy tale with Owen Wilson as a princess and a kingdom of artists, intellectuals, poets and writers to enchant him. Having some interest in some of the figures Wilson visits, it was easy to become quite enchanted myself.


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